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Welcome to
Centre For Seniors

We are a Social Service Agency with Charities Status, dedicated to helping seniors remain meaningfully engaged in work and in life. We provide a range of services to support seniors in navigating major work-life transitions and to support employers in building cohesive intergenerational workplaces.

With these efforts, we hope our seniors can look forward to enjoying their silver and golden years with confidence, security, and good health.

Our Mission

To encourage seniors to be gainfully employed for as long as possible, and to remain actively engaged in the community in order to foster an active ageing mindset .

1. Workplace

Encourage gainful employment

2. Home & Community

Promote active engagement

Integrating Work and Life

Navigating the intersection
between work and life

Planning for Retirement

Being ready for the
next chapter

Matching Jobs

Rethinking the
inter-generational workplace

Our Services

Integrating Work and Life

Work-life transitions can be challenging and disruptive to many, especially seniors who are used to routine. Early preparation, a good foundation and a positive mindset are important in navigating these transitions. CFS has a series of programmes focuses on helping seniors with work and life transitions in areas such as relationships and family, work and career, health and fitness, passion and hobbies.

Planning for Retirement

Most people spend their lives working towards and looking forward to retirement, yet many overlook planning adequately for it. Proper retirement planning goes beyond financial planning.  CFS conducts workshops and talks on preparing seniors holistically to confront one of the biggest life transitions with confidence and control.

Matching Jobs

With longer working careers, workplaces must increasingly support an intergenerational workforce. How do we manage the dynamics and harness the best of each worker, especially our seniors? CFS profiles, prepares and places seniors to meaningful full time, part time and gig works. We also partner forward-thinking organisations to re-design jobs too. 

Our Team

Our strength lies in having a dedicated team with deep knowledge on active ageing, and an even greater passion to champion the cause and make a difference for our seniors .


Mr Lim Boon Heng

Board of Directors




Ms Tan Hwee Bin


Mr Tristan Gwee


Ms Susana Concordo Harding


Ms Wu Ye Her


Ms Halimahtul Saa’diah Bte Mohd Sadon


Ms Kok Ee Lan

Executive Director

Ms Lim Sia Hoe

Institutional Members

NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd

Gerontological  Society of Singapore

     Income Insurance Ltd 

NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd
NTUC Link Pte Ltd

NTUC First Campus Ltd

Seacare Co-operative Ltd
NTUC Foodfare Co-operative Ltd
Tsao Foundation

Management Members



Executive Director

Ms Lim Sia Hoe

Head, Learn and  Place

Ms Patricia Auyeong


Ms Ivy Tai

Head,  Placement 

Ms Catherine Quek  

Account Manager, Placement  & Projects 

Ms Gilian Lim 

Senior Executive, Business  Devopment & Programme 

Ms Magdelene Low

Senior Finance Coordinator

Ms Agnes Ng

Course Coordinator & Administrator

Ms Katherine Soo

 Administrative Executive

Ms Regina Tan 

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