Job Briefings

Job Briefings and Preparatory
For Senior
Job Seekers

These sessions are both informative and interactive where you could find out about job opportunities available for seniors.

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Employability Skills Workshop

#1: Preparatory Workshop For Jobseekers:

Course Info: This 1-Day course prepares senior workers in their job search especially in the current hard times as Singapore entered into a technical recession brought about by Covid-19. 

– Focuses on work transition, helping you to plan and manage the transition successfully.  

– Identify your strengths and interests & skill matrix


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#2: Resume Writing & Interview Skills  :

Course Info: This 2-Day course prepares mature worker in their job search especially in preparing an impactful resume that stands out from others. 

Learn how to conduct job searches using different platforms (online & offline) and sharpen your  presentation skills to prepare for job interviews


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#3: Workplace Resilience for “Back to Work Senior” :

Course Info: Re-joining the Workforce after having left your previous job for some time can be quite challenging and difficult for some people. The Work environment has changed drastically especially with digital technology transformation in 21st century workforce. This course will help you to better understand what knowledge and skills are required in today’s environment.


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#4: Refresher on MS Office & Google Workspace  :

Course Info: This training is aimed at helping seniors refresh their MS Office  & Google Workspace Knowledge and regained confidence through hands-on practice


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#5: Using Zoom & MS Teams  :

Course Info: Keeping up with the current video conferencing apps through step-by-step hands-on practice. This course will enable you to have confidence in handling virtual meeting & interviews.


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