Basics of Smart Money Management


 To be financial prepared for the future, it is ever more important for us to understand how to make smart decisions. 

Come join us in this financial literacy course to learn practical money management tips! This course also introduces the use of CPF digital and cashless payment services, raises awareness of scams and share tips to avoid becoing a scam victim. Lastly, the course also highlights selected Government schemes that suport retirement and healthcare needs. 

Course Details

Training Provider: Centre for Seniors
Course Title: Basics of Smart Money Management
Language(s): English
Duration of course 4 Hours (9 am to 1 pm )
Date: Dec 15; 2024 Feb 2; Chinese (Avail from April 2024)
NSA Subsidized Course Fee: $18
Full Course Fee: $90.00
Online Registration: https://cfs.eteams.com.sg/REGISTRATION/#/Login?coursecode=TGS-2023038737
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