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Rethink 50 : Preparing for Change

Course Details

Training Provider: Centre for Seniors
Course Title: Rethink 50: Preparing for Change (Rethink Your Retirement)
Language(s): English
Duration of course 2 Hours (Asynchronously online), thereafter 4 hours in-person session
Date: Not Available Now (Contact 6478-5015)
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About this course

As we approach our golden years, entering the 50s and 60s of our page, there will be several concerns we may have. How we identify ourselves in our professional careers and personal life can make a difference in how we adapt and transit into our senior age and retirement. This course aims to explore how we can stay mentally, physically, socially and emotionally healthy and active in order for us to make a smooth transition into our senior age. Knowing what to expect as we enter our 50s, 60s, and 70’s can help us proactively monitor and maintain the best possible quality of life. 

This course comprises of 5 topics, of which 3 topics will be learnt asynchronously online, and the remaining 2 topics will be conducted via synchronously online or in-person sessions with the course provider. Individuals will be able to develop their WorkLife Transition Plan with real-time guidance from qualified trainers. 


What You Will Learn

  • Differentiate between work and self-image
  • Use the Loss Response Model to cope with change 
  • Develop Self-Awareness using DISC and the 5 love languages
  • Explore Transition Options and Opportunities
  • Develop a Work Life Transition Plan

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