Intergenerational Bonding: Build Stronger Relationships

Course Details

Training Provider: Centre for Seniors
Course Title: Intergenerational Bonding: Build Stronger Relationship
Language(s): English
Duration of course 2 Day
Date: Mar 14 & 15; Jun 10 & 11
NSA Subsidized Course Fee: $90
Full Course Fee: $450
Online Registration: https://cfs.eteams.com.sg/REGISTRATION/#/Login?coursecode=TGS-2017504732

Course Objectives

This is a highly experiential and practical programme that equips older persons with the knowledge and skills to communicate and interact with the young. Participants will learn how to communicate with clarity and passion, recognise emotional and behavioural changes of people they care for, and improve their behaviour by adding value towards helping others.

This programme is suitable to those who wish to learn bonding skills to develop stronger relationships with the younger generation. It will also benefit those who intend to work as volunteer in student care centres or to do work in family community services.

Learning Outcome:

  1. Learn effective communication skills and how to interact with children
  2. Learn how to identify positive behaviours and to motivate/guide children in improving their behaviours and attitude
  3. Build stronger relationships to achieve intergenerational harmony
  4. Self-care for Caregivers

Contact: Magdelene Low

Telephone: 6478-5015

Email: admin@cfs.org.sg

Course Subsidies

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