Medical Escort Concierge Training

Course Details

Training Provider: Centre for Seniors

Course Title:                                                      Medical Escort Concierge Training

Language(s): English

Duration of course                                            9 am to 5 pm                      

Dates:                                                                                Apr 12; May 26; Jun 24

NSA Subsidized Course Fee $30 

Full Course Fee:$ 150 

Course Objectives

Session 1: Basic introduction to the healthcare landscape. Hospitals, polyclinics, specialist centers in Singapore. And the role and responsibilities of medical escort concierge

Session 2: Understanding ageing and effective communication with senior

Session 3: Handling of wheelchairs and basic mobility devices (walking frame and walking stick)

Session 4: Managing of situations / crisis / emergency (30mins)

Session 5: Be ready as a medical escort concierge (Infection control)

Session 6: Practice session: Handling of wheelchairs and basic mobility devices

Course Subsidies

SkillsFuture Credit ClaimYes

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