(Online) Rethink 50 : Be Active & Relevant

What you will learn

On Completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Assess their health status and mental wellbeing
  • Plan an exercise routine to prevent common chronic diseases
  • Develop a healthy eating plan
  • Devise a plan to stay relevant 

Course Details

Training Provider: Centre for Seniors
Course Title: Rethink 50: Be Active & Relevant (Online)
Language(s): English
Duration of course 2 Hours
Date: Not Available Now
NSA Subsidized Course Fee:
Full Course Fee:
Course Details:

Course Objectives

Understand the concept of health and wellness of seniors. Topics covered include wellness, healthy living and physiological changes; recognise signs and symptoms of illnesses common among elderly persons.

  • Learn about types of exercises that seniors can do safely at the workplace or at home to improve balance and mobility; and how to plan a healthy meal to meet the nutritional needs of an older person.
  • Discuss the resources and activities that can promote communal involvement to engage the seniors.
  • Course Subsidies

    National Silver Academy (NSA) SubsidyYes
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