Rethink 50:
Be Active and Relevant


This course focuses on the social and physiological changes impacting older persons. It covers the last 3 modules of CFS LifeWork i.e. health and family/community. Participants will learn how to monitor their own health status, understand nutritional values on food labels, keep fit through exercises and learn how to stay active and relevant by doing meaningful work and building relationships with people around them.

Course Details

Training Provider: Centre for Seniors
Course Title: Rethink 50: Be Active & Relevant
Language(s): English
Duration of course 1 Day
Date: May 20
NSA Subsidized Course Fee: $55
Full Course Fee: $275
Online Registration: https://cfs.eteams.com.sg/REGISTRATION/#/Login?coursecode=TGS-2018507708

Course Objectives

Understand the concept of health and wellness of seniors. Topics covered include wellness, healthy living and physiological changes; recognise signs and symptoms of illnesses common among elderly persons.

  • Learn about types of exercises that seniors can do safely at the workplace or at home to improve balance and mobility; and how to plan a healthy meal to meet the nutritional needs of an older person.
  • Discuss the resources and activities that can promote communal involvement to engage the seniors.
  • Course Subsidies

    National Silver Academy (NSA) SubsidyYes
    SkillsFuture Credit ClaimYes
    UTAP Funding (NTUC Members)Yes
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