Good Worker Matched to Good Job Role

Chieng Oi Khuan, 64 years old

Where an individual is place is equally
important, not just What an individual can contribute!


Oi Khuan’s story is a shing example.

Active ageing tends to be focused on what individuals can continue to do in their silver years. Can they continue to work hard and value-add as before? Are they still able to run as fast as the others? While such considerations are relevant, it is just as important to also look at where each individual is able to perform his or her best work. Chieng Oi Khuan’s story is a shining example of what happens when a good worker is matched to a good job role.  


Oi Khuan, aged 64, had earlier worked with St Luke’s Eldercare as a care staff before joining Aetos as a security officer. While she was able to discharge her security responsibilities well, her passion for the community care work remained strong. With the assistance of Centre for Seniors (CFS) in August 2020, she was matched to a job at Dorcas as a Medical Escort. However, Dorcas quickly realised that Oi Khuan’s strengths were in aged care and recommended her to Hannah Senior Activity Centre (HSAC), which found her a good fit. She was thus hired in a full-time role as a Support Care Staff. As a result, she was able to leverage her eight years of experience at St Luke’s Eldercare and get up to speed with her tasks. With her renewed sense of purpose, coupled with support from her helpful colleagues, Oi Khuan is now thriving in her new role at HSAC and looking forward to work each day.


This is the active ageing experience we should aspire towards. It is the kind of job matching that CFS strives to do for our seniors. Because it is our wish that they too can enjoy the same fulfilment as Oi Khuan has, both at work and in life.





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