Over half of older workers want to continue full time: Survey

About 25% prefer to stay in current jobs; Centre for Seniors urges more help in career planning

Centre executive director Lim Sia Hoe said: “Older people say they want to work longer but they do not know how to and what jobs are open to them. There can be mismatches between jobs and older workers because these staff can have certain requests, such as leaving work early. They require life coaching so they know where to go and what resources are available. They also need to know themselves and adjust their expectations.”

CFS Platinum: Silverjobs.SG – a job portal designed for seniors.

The centre also launched a job portal for older workers last year called Silverjobs.sg. The portal has around 40 age-friendly employers across industries, such as the food and beverage sector, security, community care, corporate and administrative roles, engineering and delivery services.

It will help to match employers with older workers in suitable roles.

Work Trial

The centre has also developed an employment pathway for mature workers, which includes preparing both workers and employers before allowing for a job trial to ensure the right fit for both sides.

These moves are in line with the recommendation by the Tripartite Workgroup on Older Workers that calls on employers to engage mature workers in structured career planning sessions.

CFS LifeWork Programme

Follow this link to find out more https://bit.ly/2FnqoNZ

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